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By Danny Trent Electric Guitars. Ahh, the mighty Telecaster. The famous guitar that catalyzed the electric guitar industry to become what it is today. While other guitar manufacturers had been mass-producing instruments since the early s, the Telecaster was:. While other guitar manufacturers had been mass-producing instruments since the early s, the Telecaster electric guitar was:.

This Squier Affinity Stratocaster was made with the beginner in mind but has the quality and features that any player can appreciate. Here are the specifications of the Squier Affinity Stratocaster as listed on the official Fender website.

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For the most part, the basic design and features of the Stratocaster have remained very close to how the first ones were first produced. The dual-cutaway body, the signature headstock, the three-pickup layout - all very true to the original. Design-wise, this Affinity Stratocaster is nearly-identical to all other Squier and Fender Stratocasters.

A great benefit with Stratocasters is how much you can customize them. A quick Google search will give you many options for replacement parts. The most common parts people will customize their Stratocaster with are: pickups, string tuners, and pickguards. I can tell you that this is a true Stratocaster in every way, although there are some differences between models.

The Affinity Stratocaster is my made in China to strict build specs from Fender. Fender has worked closely with Squier for many years, and this partnership has produced a great replica of the Fender Stratocaster. I was very impressed with this Affinity Strat when I first picked it up, but I did notice some differences.

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To cut down on costs and make the guitar more affordable, there are some variations in components and quality of parts. For example, when I first played this guitar, the neck still felt a little rough. The tuner knobs felt very delicate like they could break easily.

The pickguard was a simple, cut plastic shape.

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The edges were not beveled or as smooth as the pickguards on the Standards. The pickups sound a little noisier, and the tone sounds thin in comparison, with lower overall volume. The input jack was loose and I had to tighten it.

The jack also started cutting out after a few uses, and I had to take the pickguard off to solder the jack connections.

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Except for the jack issues, all of these were somewhat expected at this lower price. However, some of these issues would be a problem for working musicians, and more serious guitar players that need solid, reliable and sturdy gear. Whether or not this matters is entirely up to you.

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Your basic Stratocaster, whether classic or modern in styling, has the same electronic layout. This Affinity Strat is no different. You have three single-coil pickups: one slanted pickup at the bridge, one pickup in the middle, and one at the neck. All three have different tones that can be more suited to different styles of guitar. Compared to the Standard Stratocaster, the electronics on this Affinity Stratocaster are noticeable lower in volume, while adding more noise into your tone.

Using mid-gain with this guitar can be noisy. High gain ends up being unusable unless you decided to replace the pickups with something that can handle high gain. As expected, this sounds like a Stratocaster in every way. The quality of the tone can be a different story, though.

DATING SQUIER GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS. From Fender Squiers are also produced outside the USA, in that year the production started in Japan. The Korean Fender Squiers were produced from , but there were no serial numbers until mid documented. Other low-budget countries followed, like China, Indonesia and India. Nov 18,   Home Forums > Squier Discussion Forums > The Squier Bass Place > Serial Number dating? Discussion in ' The Squier Bass Place ' started by gregomatic, Apr 14, "Affinity series guitars and basses present the greatest and most time-honored Fender models with absolutely the greatest Squier value. From elemental Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars to Precision and Jazz basses (and even the student-friendly Bronco Bass), the very best in Squier value is right here.".

As I noted, to make this guitar more affordable some parts and components had to change. The pickups on pots on this guitar were some of the things that affect the sound. Using the 2 and 4 positions on the pickup selector can help remove some of the hiss and noise since those positions use two pickups together which helps to cancel out noise.

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Similarly, playing this Affinity Strat at high volumes can make that hiss and noise more noticeable. The volume and tone pots work well but can start to sound scratchy after normal use. This can be fixed by spraying an electronic contact cleaner on the internals. Replacing the pots altogether in a common upgrade and another option if you plan on playing for more than hobby purposes. Like any guitar, the more time you put into playing it, the more playable it gets. The more you play this guitar, the smoother the frets feel and the more enjoyable it is to play.

This is truly a guitar that will grow with you. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. This guitar does feel like a Stratocaster, but the fit and finish is not as good as a higher-end version. After playing Strats and teaching guitars for many years, I will tell you that this guitar will not hinder you from learning or from playing.

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Squier is owned by Fender and produces affordable versions of their guitars that are manufactured overseas. You can check out this video for a full blind test comparison between different versions of the Stratocaster by Squier and Fender. The Fender Player and Fender American Standard have not only a higher level of quality but are very consistent. The Squire guitars can be hit or miss at times due to quality control issues in factories overseas.

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While overseas manufacturers have vastly improved over the past few years, you still may run into some problems here and there. You get what you pay for, and quality and consistency come at a cost. The pickups, pickup selector options, volume and tone controls, and design are all pretty much the same. The Affinity Stratocaster has a tone that is undoubtedly classic Strat.

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You will notice a difference in quality and consistency of tone. The Fenders will handle these noticeably better. This is partially due to quality control and attention to detail, and somewhat due to having budget but good components in the Affinity to save you money.

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I believe this is a fair price for the guitar, still a great value, and for a great product. That upgrade gives you better quality, better pickups, and a better-sounding and feeling guitar all around. However, it still may not be for everyone, so I would suggest you check out some of these other Squier Affinity Stratocaster alternatives.

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The highs have a slight shimmer to them, but not so much that they become abrasive. The body in the Squier Affinity Series is a slightly thinner version of the Fender Telecaster, but it does come in all of your favorite Fender finishes, including solid race green and race red, butterscotch blonde, two-tone sunburst, and more.

Is it Any Good? Fender Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster Full Review

The Squier guitars finish is quite thin though, so small chips or scrapes will likely go all the way through to the wood. The Tele neck in the Fender Affinity is marvellous. Consistent with the original Fender design, the Fender Squier Affinity has a bolt-on neck, giving the guitar a little bit more of a twangy bite than its set-neck counterparts.

The Affinity Telecaster comes with two vintage style single coil pickups in neck and bridge positions.

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Although both pickups are the same mechanically, the bridge pickup is set at an angle. This provides more electric basses response on the lower strings and more treble glimmer on the higher strings, which helps in giving the Tele its classic vibe.

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Since the Affinity Tele is, after all, a budget guitar, the pickups are not going to be legendary, but they certainly deliver some solid, twangy Tele tone. The hardware seems to be the area that Fender Squier went cheap on more than anything else, very different from the Classic Telecaster-which is kind of good because cheap hardware is better than cheap tonewoods.

Some Squier IIs were made in India around The head stock is marked "MADE IN INDIA". Made in India Squier IIs seem to follow the made in USA serial numbering scheme. For example, a made in India Squier II serial number would start with N0 plus 5 digits. Final Thoughts. Overall, the Squier Affinity Telecaster is a great guitar for a beginner or just someone looking for a cheaper axe to throw around. It looks beautiful, the hardware is mostly reliable (including the tuners, which is noteworthy for a budget guitar), and the tone is surprisingly good given the guitar's cheap price tag, although the stock pickups are admittedly a bit thin and hummy. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Learn more about Fender electric basses.

The Tele comes with a master tone knob and master volume knob, as well as a 3-way pickup selector switch. The knobs feel pretty cheap and often get loose, and the jack could be fortified a bit better. A scale length of This combines wonderfully with the natural tone of the alder body and the choice of single-coil pickups to provide the Tele classic vibe that is so sought after. The Affinity Tele delivers crisp, bright tone with a powerful low-end and nice highs, although the highs are not shimmery like they would be on a Squier Affinity Strat guitar.

Sep 16,   Dating a Squier Affinity Strat Discussion in 'Squier Strat Forum' started by DJMonty, Sep 15, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > DJMonty Strat-Talk Member. Messages: Joined: Sep 15, Location: United Kingdom. Hey guys. The Squier Standard range has been the first stop on many a guitarist's journey. However, for those starting out, unsure of their ability, and unwilling to meet the initial outlay, Squier's Affinity range offers a slightly cheaper route into guitar ownership. Sep 20,   Looking at wikipedia, Indonesian Squier serial numbers have the year right after the IC. Right after the IC, mine says 00, so the serial dates it to Thing is, this bass doesn't look 11 years old, and I'd like to get a date if possible, from what I know about it.

The body of the Squier Affinity Telecaster Guitar is covered in poplar, and this model is available in 4 different shades including black, white, red and soft brown. Yes, this guitar is an excellent choice if you are a beginner, as it has a straight neck, leveled frets and produces an excellent sound, making this guitar worth the buy! Overall, the Squier Affinity Telecaster is a great guitar for a beginner or just someone looking for a cheaper axe to throw around.

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One of the most noteworthy things about the Squier Tele is how full and strong it feels in the hands. The body and neck construction is overall pretty great, and the number one flaw on it is definitely the pickups, which could be easily replaced. Great job on this one, Squier! Keep up the good work. Danny grew up playing anything that looked like a guitar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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