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Stamps Quarterly Philatelic Catalog. Holiday Delights. Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor. Thank You. Ruth Asawa.

Its a series Onesadplat : I was just wondering if you could tell me when this bottle was bottled or produced.

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Its ml, Chivas Brothers scotch whisky, 21 years old. Then it has a state of WI seal on the right side with a code of On the gold label around the neck which says "founded " there is another serial number of Thank you! Isabella : Hello, I have been trying to research this bottle with NO luck. It has the red stamp over the top but no additional stamps. The bottom of the bottle has liquor bottle and a strange symbol, then 76 86 3. When I research nothing comes up with the same look.

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Can you help? Are there any labels indicating what kind or brand of liquor it is? Mario : I do have a remy martin vs square bottle with red seal says bureau of atf at the top, and reads distilled- spirits. And next to the eagle on right says NY-I Please help. Dan : Metaxa brandy, 5 star label and red football shaped label.

Todd : I have a bottle one court 12 year old chi as regal blended scotch whisky. The bottle dates back many many years and is still sealed with a tax stamp. No date however.

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The stamp has the following numbers. Just trying to figure out how old the bottle is.

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Whydoes : I have a bottle Courvoisier vsop. How old this bottle may be. Kelli : i have a handle of Gin. Butch wood : Are these bottles worth anything with the ill stamp. Mark S. Just watch for the "Attach Photos" link right below the box where you type in your question.

Stamps Specs - Available in 11 sizes - Rectangle, square or round - Black, blue, red, green or violet ink - Choose pre-inked or self-inking styles; Delivery Information. Date stamps can be delivered in five to seven business days. less. Re-Inking the Trodat Date Stamp and the Plus Date Stamp. To extend the life of your Trodat or Plus Date Stamp, be sure to re-ink your ink pad regularly. Here's how: Turn your stamp so that the Trodat or Plus logo is facing away from you. Push the stamp down slightly. Locate the small grip for the ink pad and pull out the pad. You can choose from a list of predefined stamps, or you can create your own stamps. Dynamic stamps obtain information from your computer and from the Identity panel of the Preferences dialog box, allowing you to indicate name, date, and time information on the stamp. The Stamp tool appears in the secondary toolbar of the Comment tool.

To date your bottle another way, you can also flip it over and look at the markings on the underside of it As an American made bottle, it should have a 2-digit code on the right side, which would indicate the year in which the bottle itself was produced. Re : I have a box of mini liquor bottles I need help in identifying thier ages. Could you help me with that?

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Sour Mash Whisky The tax stamp isSeries Any idea how old it is? Thanx, Nelson. However, you can flip the bottle over and look for a 2-digit code on the right-side of the bottom, and that will indicate the last 2 digits of the year the bottle itself was made. Boston, Mass. R Date, value? No pictures, no glory! You can upload them through the "ask question" form on de main page of drinksplanet. Best regards, Emile.

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Internal Revenue on both the left and right top of the strip, and Tax Paid on the lower left, Distilled Spirits on the lower right. Series is printed under the eagle. The strip number is It is a "souvenir bottle commemorating reopening of George Dickel Distillery", and the bottle itself is stamped First Bottling - October It still has the Personalization hang tag and the leather is in perfect condition.

No box. What can you tell me about the year, value, and whom I would contact about selling it? Happy to send pictures if you need them.

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Thanks for your help! Have they switched to a digital system? Best, D. And a. These have a gray Tennessee tax stamp.

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I collect crown royal bottles of all sizes and always looking for interesting variations. Any info on these? Curious : What if the stamp is red but has nothing printed where u. This may be in fact one of those "faux strips" that were common on brands like Jack Daniels during the late s. Kristy : Hi i found a liquor bottle with a red and white south carolina liquor tax stamp.

It says 17 cent Can you post photos of this in the general forums?!? Has the same label over the buchanans label that says 12 year old unlike most that have that on the main table. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Once I can review this, i should be able to give you a more definitive answer on the dating period. Remnants of the worm in the bottom shows me that it must be very old.

The Texas tax stamp is with a rate of Keep up the fine work of getting info on this subject, it must be very interesting at times.

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Nicole : hey we have a bottle with I can you tell us anything about it at all Now, what abt. Bottles that no longer have a stamp? And then across the bottom it has: F So is it from, or ? WB55 : aphonik: Being the tax stamp is a and "US Revenue" the bottle is between to as noted in the article above.

Date Stamps. What is a date stamp? A date stamp can be your key to streamlining repetitive tasks. Custom date stamps let you make the impressions you need on the documents that cross your desk each day, leaving you more time to grow your brand and find joy in your stamps clearly confirm the delivery of receipts, invoices and other important documents to help your accounting. Dating US Bottles Via Tax Stamps | Drinks Planet. Jul 30,   The Stamp Act of was the first internal tax levied directly on American colonists by the British Parliament. The issues raised by the Stamp .

So, now that I think about it and from what is on the bottom of the bottle, that only leaves the choice of the bottle being from and it was probably filled in also. Chocolatedrk : I think this is an amazing thing!! I do plan on taking advantage of this information site, just to know that what you have in front of you can be something of way before your time.

Bourbon supreme rare : I dont know what this stamp is or means. Looking for more info. If you sign up for an account you can send and receive private messages. Jesse Martin : I remember seeing these growing up The current farmer had plowed and planted over it for decades not knowing it was there. It had about three feet of dirt over it. I found it being some dirt caved in exposing a hole about a foot wide and when I looked down it I cold see it went down into a room so I started digging until I could craw down inside into the room.

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When I saw what was inside, I was amazed. Open the Stamps palette. Apply a stamp. Select a stamp by doing one of the following:.

Dating Tax Stamps/Strips is primarily based on knowing the design of the stamps, and when the designs changed: It would be much easier if I could see a photo of the stamp/strip (particularly the center & right side). Additional dating information may be found in the design of the Main Label, and the Glass Markings on the underside of your bottle. Custom Date Stamp Received Paid Completed Emailed Posted Scanned Approved Date Stamp Self Inking Personalize with 1 Line Custom Text - Self Inking Business Stamper. $ $ FREE Shipping. ZIGEL D50 Date Stamp with Your Custom Text - Self Inking Date Stamp Issue Date. Name (A-Z) Name (Z-A) Price (Low-High) Price (High-Low) Issue Date; Product Type (A-Z) Product Type (Z-A) Denomination; Filter/Sort Sort by: Issue Date. Name (A-Z) Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor Forever Stamp. Commemorate the legacy of the Mayflower passengers and their alliance with the Wampanoag people. Shop Now.

Click the Stamp tool. The most recently used stamp is selected. Click the document page where you want to place the stamp, or drag a rectangle to define the size and placement of the stamp. Using the Select tool or the Hand tool, do any of the following:.

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To move a stamp, drag it to a new location. To resize a stamp, click it, and then drag a corner handle. To delete a stamp, right-click the stamp and choose Delete. Move a stamp to the favorites list. Using the Select tool or the Hand tool, select a stamp markup on the page. Create a custom stamp.

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The Townshend Acts were a series of measures, passed by the British Parliament inthat taxed goods imported to the American colonies. But American colonists, who had no representation in Parliament, saw the Acts as an abuse of power. The British sent troops to America to Samuel Adams was a Founding Father of the United States and a political theorist who protested British taxation without representation, uniting the American colonies in the fight for independence during the Revolutionary War.

He was the second cousin of John Adams and the Thomas Hutchinson was a colonial American politician, judge and historian.

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He was born into a prominent Boston family and studied at Harvard. He began his career in local politics in and was named speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in From tothe Continental Congress served as the government of the 13 American colonies and later the United States. The First Continental Congress, which was comprised of delegates from the colonies, met in in reaction to the Coercive Acts, a series of measures Skirmishes between British troops and colonial This Day In History.

Raising Revenue.

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Stamp Act. Tea Act.

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Townshend Acts. Tea Act The Tea Act of was one of several measures imposed on the American colonists by the heavily indebted British government in the decade leading up to the American Revolutionary War Townshend Acts The Townshend Acts were a series of measures, passed by the British Parliament inthat taxed goods imported to the American colonies.

Samuel Adams Samuel Adams was a Founding Father of the United States and a political theorist who protested British taxation without representation, uniting the American colonies in the fight for independence during the Revolutionary War.

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