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In the chaos that is life, we often get bogged down with situations both in and beyond our control. While stress can hurt us physically by making us sick, exhausted, and generally worn down, it also is a difference maker in our relationships and marriages. In order to reach optimal marriage fitness, we have to figure out how to reduce stress in our lives. It may mean getting more physical and exerting some pent-up energy through exercise, centering ourselves through yoga or meditation, or catching a comedy show and laughing to reduce stress. Find whatever that outlet may be to regain your balance and health and strengthen your relationship. Here are some signs that maybe things are getting a little intense.

And it will help the two of you move forward and actually find a solution to the stress.

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I can be a cranky jerk when I get stressed. Luckily, the longer I've been married, the better I seem to handle this, including getting less cranky, staying cranky for shorter periods of time, and apologizing to my husband right away about my crankiness.

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I know stress can easily be overwhelming, and it's pretty common to start taking that stress out on other people. But for a relationship to work, you should remember that your partner has their own stresses, too, and their own stuff they are dealing with.

The most important thing you can remember to do is to be kind, as kindness will go a long way in keeping the two of you connected. Finally, the most important step to deal with stress in a relationship is to figure out how to tackle it - as a team.

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Your stress isn't coming from nowhere. It could be that your partner is doing something in particular to cause your stress. Or it could be that work is really bothering you, but you aren't sure how to handle that stress.

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No matter what it is, you and your partner should be able to figure it out together and come to a solution. Maybe it's as simple as your partner adjusting their behavior or you asking for slightly reduced responsibility at work.

Nov 12,   When your SO is stressed, what's your signature move? Maybe you whip up their favorite meal, initiate some stress-relieving sexy time right after work, or try to . If you're stressed out by dating, there's something wrong with it. Maybe you're not in the right frame of mind to date right now, or maybe it's just not working for you right now. That's fine. The important thing is to listen to those feelings so that you can focus on what you need to be happy right now.

With a good partner in your corner, you'll be able to figure out the solution and implement it to reduce stress.

Stress is never fun, and when you're in a serious relationship, it can feel worse. But having a supportive partner is actually one of the best tools in your arsenal against stress.

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You inspire me each and every day. Hey, remember when you got through [insert life obstacle]?

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Rather than focusing on what you haven't gotten done, try focusing on all of the amazing things you have accomplished Hooker, E. It just takes a text: Partner text messages can reduce cardiovascular responses to stress in females.

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Sometimes, the solution is: you need to turn around and look away from your problems and look towards pleasure again. Get more pleasure in your life.

Jul 21,   Amy Waterman. Amy Waterman, M.A., is an old-timer in the field of dating and relationships. Her work has appeared in over a dozen online courses, including The Pleasure Principlek, Save My Marriage Today, Connect & Commit, and How to Be Irresistible to two decades of international travel under her belt, she knows that the search for love is at the heart of the human . Sep 13,   Stress is gross. In general, stress does a lot of terrible things, all of which just generally make us miserable. Stress in a relationship, though, is even worse. When you and the love of your. About Elizabeth Stone. Elizabeth Stone is an author and relationship coach obsessed with helping people improve their relationships. After 10 hilarious years of navigating the dating world, she has settled down in Vegas with her sweet fiancee and unruly dog.

Pleasure makes you relax. Want to find out how to do it?

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Get The Pleasure Principle. Amy Waterman, M.

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With two decades of international travel under her belt, she knows that the search for love is at the heart of the human experience. Right now is the time to create the life you deserve.

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