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The play exposes and discusses the tension that exists between the value of being an individual and value associated with being in love. Love holds the promise that you will always. Then, the relationship is doomed already. This is proven brilliantly in the short play "Sure Thing" by David Ives. A bell is rung every time the conversation between the two characters say anything that ruins their odds of dating. The bell's constant ringing reveals how many things keep people apart.

You should not bundle up your feelings and pretend everything is OK.

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This gives a ghost the green light to pull this shady move again down the road. According to Bradbury, while it's acceptable to allow a ghost back into your life if they offer a reasonable explanation for their disappearance, you should be cautious.

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Pay attention to their behavior and the circumstances surrounding their resurrection. Are they bored?

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Home for the holidays? Looking for a sure thing? If they ghost on you again, ditch them. United States.

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In the play Sure Thing by David Ives, the audience gets a clear and lighthearted example of how a romantic courtship develops and how it can stop in its tracks. Ives provides us with many scenarios, but three common pitfalls to romance are as follows: differing politics, lack of similar interests and/or activities, and the luck of bad timing. Dec 13,   Looking for a sure thing? If they ghost on you again, ditch them. "If you're continually being ghosted and there's no valid reason to be found, it's not worth your time," Bradbury tells us. "Sure Thing" is a short play, and in fifteen minutes Bill and Betty have discarded many possible identities in order to arrive at a conventional ending. Betty's affective response, her agreement to love and cherish Bill forever, is tantamount to a wedding David Ives.

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What is to get a bell is the men your age? Each time. Beliefs about online dating, is greener is more replies. After a bit of back and forth, Bill reveals that the early Allen films get on his nerves. The bell rings. Then Bill and Betty speak at the same time, each inviting the other to the Woody Allen festival.

Betty asks Bill if he likes Entenmann's crumb cake.

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He replies that he went out at two in the morning the night before to get one. Bill asks Betty if she had an Etch A Sketch as a child.

She says yes and asks him if he likes Brussels sprouts.

She agrees. They agree on children, two girls and a boy, who will go to school at Harvard, Vassar, and Brown. Betty promises that she will love Bill and cherish him forever.

Right away, the audience learns that the world of the play is one of second and third, and fourth chances. Every time a scene ends, Bill has the chance to begin it again, and try to get further in his relationship with Betty.

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She momentarily considers allowing him to join her, but he messes up the opportunity by saying the wrong thing.

It marks the end of each encounter, right before the soft-ringing bell. They move on to the fastest possible way to replay the scene, twice, exploring rhythmic possibilities, with both negative and positive outcomes.

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Bill has succeeded in sitting down with Betty. But his next two lines, about all of the other seats being taken and the place being nice, lead nowhere. The next topic of conversation is the book Betty is reading.

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This topic introduces the theme of class to the play. Being educated allows Bill to move forward in his relationship with Betty. Book learning thus has an instrumental social function.

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When Bill is trying to display his knowledge of culture by stating the author of the book, there is a wrong answer Hemingway and a right answer Faulkner. This bit of rapid dialog is also an intellectual joke written for an audience who knows exactly who wrote The Sound and the Fury. It has an added depth when one knows that Faulkner is known for writing long sentences, while Hemingway is known for writing short ones.

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The line about being a Mets fan is a non-sequitur, as the Mets are a baseball team, a completely different topic from literature.

Oral Roberts University is a southern evangelical college.

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The next iteration also has an unexpected twist as he says exactly the wrong thing to impress Betty: that he was lying, never went to college, and really just likes to party. This scene also shows how the play is compressing time, as this revelation is one that would normally take more time for Betty to discover.

Bill has evolved from a somewhat fumbling character to someone who can change either his story or his true biography until he wins the game, which is defined as progressing to the next topic of conversation with Betty. Once the conversation progresses beyond simply stating the author's name, Bill's next mistake is to be long-winded and self-absorbed when he tries to get into more depth about Faulkner. It is clear that when Betty says that she thinks the book is pretty boring, she is actually judging Bill.

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In contrast, the same speech when divided into a conversation between Bill and Betty builds their relationship. When Bill points out that Betty might not have liked him before, this is funny because the audience has just experienced her rejection of Bill in the previous scene. The rhythm of conversation in comedy is called comic timing. There are two levels of allusion in this discussion: The Sound and the Fury alludes to the Faulkner novel, which itself is alluding to Shakespeare. Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more.

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The first attempt reveals that progress in love is not only a matter of time, but of space.

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