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The sigil of the sept of T'au , the T'au homeworld, often used as a symbol for the entire T'au Empire. The T'au Imperial binomial classification: Tau tau , also spelled Tau in older records and pronounced "TOW," are a young, humanoid and technologically-advanced intelligent species native to the Eastern Fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are fighting to expand their interstellar empire and extend a philosophical concept they call the " Greater Good " Tau'va in the T'au Lexicon to all the intelligent species of the galaxy. The T'au claim to be a peaceful species when possible, asking if others will join their cause voluntarily instead of fighting against them. However, if their peaceful overtures are refused, the T'au may well decide to conquer a planet and add it to their growing interstellar empire for the Greater Good, searing the flesh from the bones of anyone who stands against their benign intentions.

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His birth name is Jimmy Tau and she is currently 40 years old. When enemy units charge to engage the T'au in melee, the Carnivores leap in front of the Fire Warriors to give them time to retreat to a safe firing position.

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The T'au, though an extremely young interstellar state compared to the Imperium of Man, possess some of the most advanced weapons and equipment in the galaxy. This weapon is the most common amongst the Fire Caste, and its range and firepower far surpasses that of the Imperium's standard Lasgun.

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The weapon works well with the T'au way of war, as it allows extensive salvos, making their hunter tactics extremely effective. It works by using an electromagnetic induction field to propel a subatomic particle, which breaks down to create a plasma pulse as it leaves the barrel of the weapon.

The carbine sacrifices range for portability and power. The weapon works in the same way as its larger pulse rifle cousin, but is a lot more effective when the prey gets too close. It is much easier to get working in tight situations, and the rate at which it can be used usually knocks the charging enemy off balance, forcing them to halt their advance; the exception being when there is too much momentum behind the charge.

The pulse carbine is also equipped with an underslung photon grenade launcher see photon grenades below for further stopping power. Recently issued to T'au personnel as a hold-out weapon, the pulse pistol is only normally used in desperate situations.

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Again, this weapon works the same as its big brothers, only on a smaller scale. While this version is a lot smaller than the weapons that are usually used in T'au warfare, it, like all Rail types, use electromagnetic linear accelerator technology to project a solid projectile at hypervelocity. Even with its smaller size, this weapon can lay down some impressive firepower. A primitive slug-thrower relying on chemical propellant and the transfer of kinetic energy.

After contact with the T'au, the weapon has been adapted to fire a plasma pulse round, which gives the weapon increased stopping power. The Kroot have also adapted the weapon to suit them by adding staves at each end of the rifle for deadly effect in close melee combat.

A much larger version of the Kroot Rifle. Being a heavy weapon it must be mounted on a Krootox and a Kroot that is dedicated to its use. Because of its size and calibre it was designed with heavily armoured troops and light vehicles in mind. This weapon is used by the Vespid Stingwings. It is a hybrid of Vespid and T'au technology, as the T'au developed the weapon specifically with the Stingwings in mind.


As the Stingwings emit a certain frequency that they use for communication, this is used in the weapons trigger system so only the Stingwings may use it.

Its ammunition is again specifically designed for the Stingwings as the crystal mounted upon each blaster is grown on Vespid the planet and emits a powerful neutron blast that is able to bypass all but the most well-shielded armour.

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A Marker Light is commonly used in the T'au's way of war as it allows for the utmost accuracy when targeting the enemy. It projects a simple beam upon a target, and it is used to guide other weapons to it. Normally this will be to guide T'au seeker missiles to a heavily fortified area, or even to take out the enemy from extremely long range. It is also a component of ambush tactics as it is used to mark up the enemy positions so that multiple targets may be destroyed simultaneously, causing havoc within the enemy lines.

A defensive grenade that blinds and disorients attackers with multi-spectral light and a sonic burst. It is hardly used in offensive situations as Fire Warriors do not normally charge enemies in combat and they are too complicated for Kroot hands. As a result they are thrown at charging enemies so that the Fire Warriors can dispatch them quickly. EMP grenades emit a brief but strong electro-magnetic pulse that overloads circuitry, causing fires, meltdowns and other critical malfunctions, sometimes leading to large explosions.

This is a long, broad-bladed spear mounted on a lightweight metallic shaft. The honour blade is used to settle disputes between Ethereal Caste members in stylised bloodless duels. Ethereals often master this sword so well that it becomes almost invisible when wielded, making its extremely hard to defend against.

This is a ceremonial knife, not intended for combat, carried by the leader of Fire Caste warrior teams who have performed the Ta'lissera ritual and bonded as a group. Among Fire Warrior squads it is considered a forging of brotherhoods, they live, fight and die together.

Battlesuits are the T'au's primary weapon of warfare. They have greater mobility and firepower than anything else in their arsenal. The Burst Cannon is the bigger cousin of the Pulse Carbine. It sacrifices its ability to pin down the enemy for a greatly increased rate of fire. This weapon is very common on T'au battlesuits and vehicles. Used mainly in close quarters and urban environments, this weapon is considered a back-up, as T'au avoid close combat at all costs.

It is effective at close ranges, but can leave the user in danger of getting trapped in hand-to-hand combat. Used when hunting enemy tanks and commanders, the fusion blaster can punch through armor like nothing's there and can drop even the heaviest of targets with a single well-placed shot. The missile pod is used on T'au battlesuits as a long-range support weapon.

Its high rate of fire and long range make it arguably one of the best weapons for a battlesuit. Often used in conjunction with missile pods and fusion blasters, the plasma rifle is capable of penetrating the heaviest infantry armor.

It becomes even more dangerous when one gets up close. Mounted on the XV88 Broadside battlesuit and loaded with a solid slug, the railgun has no match when it comes to taking down infantry and vehicles.

No armor is too thick, no vehicle too tough. It has more range than any other gun used by T'au infantry. It fires drone-guided missiles that seek out the target and track them down regardless of where they are hiding. Walls and cover will not protect a target from these missiles. The T'au vehicles are easily some of the best in the galaxy.

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They possess a wide range of upgrades and weapon choices, combined with speed and heavy armor. The Imperium has learned to fear them. One of the largest weapons seen on any battlefield, the railgun mounted on a T'au Hammerhead gunship is capable of firing either solid slugs or slower submunition rounds.

The solid slugs can pierce even the heaviest armor with ease, while the explosive submunition rounds decimate infantry who clump together. The railgun is truly a fearsome weapon and one of the iconic T'au cannons. The Ion Cannon is used to take down infantry and light vehicles. It fires a focused Ion Burst that reacts explosively on contact. Ion Cannon technology was developed by the Demiurg and provided to the T'au Empire after the conclusion of an alliance between the Demiurg and the T'au.

The XV22 Battlesuit is an experimental armoured battlesuit reserved for only the worthiest of Fire Caste commanders. It is protected by a small energy shield, generated from an emitter node worn on the left hand.

Advanced sensor arrays can detect and identify hostiles even if they are protected by heavy cloaking. A Jetpack and thrusters are mounted on the back of the frame. The battlesuit can be equipped with a mobile stealth-field generator to keep hidden from sight.

T'au Drones can be programmed to follow the XV22 and assist its wearer in defence and weapons tracking. T'au Commanders are the highest-ranking members of the Fire Caste. The Battlesuit holds only one T'au and can be upgraded with a variety of weapons, wargear, and support systems allowing them to be flexible in any role.

The Battlesuit plays an important part of any T'au army for they are not only the commander but they can be very deadly themselves. Some Commanders can be equipped to go tank-hunting or to obliterate infantry or they can do both! This highly customizable T'au Battlesuit is also very tough and strong, making it one of the best units the T'au have.

There are several modified versions of the standard XV8 Battlesuit for use by commanders only. These incorporate armour, weapons, or support items that can greatly enhance the commander's role in the Hunter Cadre. The T'au have built several experimental XV8 Crisis Battlesuits for T'au Commanders, some of which are custom-made for a specific commander, such as that used by Commander Shas'o R'myr.

Shas'vre bodyguards are handpicked by the Shas'O. Normally close friends, the bodyguards wear the same type of battlesuit as their commander. The Ethereal Caste brought the other four castes together in the name of the Greater Good. Known to be similar to human religious leaders, Ethereals also sometime take part in battle. Their mere presence raises the morale of every T'au unit fighting. But that's not to say they cannot hold their own.

Some Ethereals are masters of bladed weapons such as the Ethereal Aun'shi who is famed for his skill with his double-bladed weapon.

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But having an Ethereal present on the battlefield is not without its downs. If the Ethereal were to die in battle, the entire T'au army would be demoralized. To know that their great leader had fallen can make many of the hardest veterans flee from the battlefield. Ethereals can be accompanied by an honor guard squad of up to 12 Fire Warriors.

These act to protect the Ethereal from harm and are generally more experienced soldiers. Any Fire Warrior would give his life to protect an Ethereal. Fire Warriors who work hard enough, can be promoted to the rank of Shas'ui. A Battlesuit pilot gains the honor of piloting an XV8 Battlesuit into battle. A Battlesuit is a heavy exoskeleton that can lift heavy loads and protect the pilot from any danger.

The suit is able to fire heavy weapons, use a jetpack for mobility a common 40k tactic known as Jump-Shoot-Jumpand have various systems installed such as a drone controller.

They can even be promoted to Shas'vre, not all are bodyguards though, there are also teams of a Shas'vre leader and two Shas'ui. The XV8 Battlesuit Series can be customized and equipped accordingly to threats that the T'au Empire will face; this versatility is what makes the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit one of the most useful units available to the T'au. XV25 Stealthsuit pilots work alone, independently from the rest of their Cadre.

They scout ahead of the rest of the T'au army, taking out key units such as commanders to demoralize the enemy, or ambushing tanks and infantry to cripple them. Stealthsuits use stealth-field generators, which allow them to fight unseen, even when in plain view. Stealthsuits can only take two different weapons, the fusion blaster or burst cannon.

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This stealth capability allows the Stealthsuit teams to operate ahead of the main T'au force or even behind enemy lines. When deployed, Stealthsuits will always deploy in the last phase of deployment. They also may be deployed outside of the T'au deployment zone, effectively advancing on the enemy even before the main force is fully mobilized. Another option is for the Stealthsuits to strike deep into enemy territory during the battle.

This is almost completely umcauctionservicellc.comedictable for both the T'au forces and the enemy, albeit to a lesser degree for the former.

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Stealthsuits may arrive at any time during a battle, often positioning themselves directly behind important adversarial units. Even the exact location of their insertion when deep striking is not completely within the control of the T'au, representing - mcauctionservicellc.com and unique nature of these teams.

Equipped with the XV15 Stealth Armour, these T'au troops are the 'lone wolves' of the T'au army, operating independently of other formations. XV15 Stealthsuits use stealth-field generators, which allow them to fight unseen, even when in plain view. Stealth Suit teams go ahead of the main T'au forces. Their role is to pick out the first targets while keeping enemy troops pinned down until the main army moves into position.

Stealth Suit teams use their markerlights to provide targeting information for Seeker Missile strikes. This allows the T'au's main units to destroy tanks and other large threats before they have a chance to fire their guns. The backbone of any T'au army, the Fire Warriors are the main troop choice for T'au. With the best infantry guns in the game, the Pulse Rifle, the Fire Warriors can take down most enemies from afar. Fire Warriors can also use Pulse Carbines which allows them to move and shoot at the cost of range.

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Stat-wise, they aren't the best units in the game but they make up for it with their advanced technology and fire power. Fire Warriors are called Shas'la and can be led by a Shas'ui team leader. The Shas'ui usually carries a Bonding Knife which is a symbol of unity within the group. The favorite of many T'au armies, the Devilfish is a unique and powerful transport.

Being a skimmer, it allows units to fire underneath it this makes for a very interesting tactic which is listed below in "Popular Tactics". The Devilfish also has decent armor, making it resilient against multiple hits.

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It can hold a total of 12 Fire Warriors. The Devilfish can transport Kroot in addition to robotic Drones, Fire Warriors or Pathfinders and special individuals attached to the squad.

There are three doors, one on each side of the skimmer and one in the back. This allows personnel to be deployed in the back or sides of the vehicle; coincidentally this allows the weaker points of the vehicle's armour to face away from the enemy at the same time. The Devilfish can receive a number of weapons upgrades that make it a much stronger and more useful transport for the T'au. These are human auxiliaries from former Imperial worlds that have joined the T'au Empire as human Septs and accepted the Greater Good.

They march into battle carrying both their Imperial weapons and T'au replacements, as well as T'au armour and equipment.

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Many of these mercenaries and traitors were left behind after the Damocles Gulf Crusade and then engulfed by the T'au Empire. The Kroot come from their homeworld of Pech, a jungle world, which has resulted in the Kroot becoming experts in jungle warfare.

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The Kroot are an interesting race because they seem to evolve by devouring prey or the remains of their enemies. By eating the remains of their enemies their digestive system absorbs the enemy's DNA and then they develop the traits of their enemies.

Since the T'au disdain hand-to-hand combat they employ the Kroot as melee auxiliaries.

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These Kroot can also be accompanied by Krootox and Kroot Hounds, variations of the Kroot genus who have become trapped in a genetic dead end.

A T'au Pathfinder Team. Pathfinders are the scouts of the T'au. They spot ahead and "light up" targets with their markerlight for the rest of the army. They are always accompanied by a Devilfish transport, allowing them to swiftly redeploy out of harm's way. Pathfinders are armed with Pulse Carbines, but three of them may be exchanged for Rail Rifles so the squad is able to keep a distance from attackers.

Unlike the mercenary Kroot, the Vespid actually believe in the Greater Good and have joined the T'au to spread the Greater Good, though it is whispered that the Vespid only joined the T'au after their leaders were presented with crafted communion helms, worn by all Vespid Strain Leaders, to "aid in communication.

Their main weapon is the neutron blaster, which is created by harvesting crystals that are formed on the Vespid homeworld and mounting them on a neutron containment and projection system, making them not only unique but the most deadly weapon of their kind. The crystals that form the heart of the weapon come from the deepest mines on the largest island of the Vespid homeworld also called Vespid.

The Piranha is a lightly armored vehicle used by the T'au in a range of capacities including rapid response, support of Pathfinder Teams, and even as battlefield transport for high-ranking dignitaries.

By upgrading the vehicle to carry a Fusion Blaster or a pair of Seeker Missiles, it becomes an effective tank hunter, particularly when guided to a target by Pathfinder Teams. The lightest skimmer in the T'au force, Tetras are minimally armed and armoured, and are exclusively scouting vessels, designed to range far ahead of T'au forces and mark targets for long range bombardment.

A team consisting of a T'au Spotter and three robotic drones armed with rail rifles.

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The drones are remotely controlled by the spotter using a specially-designed interface. Veteran Fire Warriors may pilot more heavily-armed, but less versatile, Battlesuits. Armed with twin linked Rail Guns, it is almost guaranteed to hit and destroy any unit. They are also equipped with either a smart missile system or twin linked plasma rifles.

It can be a very efficient infantry killer as well. The anti-gravity tank of the T'au Empire.

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