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If you are trying to date a flight attendant or are beginning to date one, then here are some useful facts to remember. But, hey, once they are up and about their energy can tire anyone else around. It just gives you a chance to show your creativity and plan that amazing Skype date. You both can order same take-out food, get a glass of wine, sync movie watch or play an online game together. Starting with waking up at 3 am and sleeping until 6 pm. Whatever you do, do not wake her up.

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She knows that conflict is bound to happen when persons of different background meet and know how to resolve such issues. Stress, tiredness, having to encounter rude and mean travelers makes it easy for them to have a mood swing.

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You may have to deal with this other side of them very carefully. Give her time if you notice she is in a bad mood, things will normalize very soon. Flight attendants work long hour attending to peoples need in the airplane. They are not able to sleep even when feeling sleepy because a customer will snap the finger asking for help.

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Also, they work in different time zones, and that also affect their sleeping pattern. She will, therefore, sleep as long as she can when home.

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They always want to be on the point whether at work or going out on a date. Their public image and appearance are significant to them, and the make is sure that not to compromise on it.

Nov 07,   what you should know when dating a flight attendant November 7, February 16, Jonalee de Leon Dating a flight attendant does kinda sound like a fabulous, jet-setting, picture-perfect, globe-trotting kinda thing, and I guess, in some way, that is partially, slightly, kinda, might-be true if not just a little bit tricky. Apr 18,   What You Need To Know When Dating A Flight Attendant. 1 She Lives in Her Own Time Zone. Your clock might be showing 3 am GMT but it is quite possible that your girlfriend is still living in EST time zone and the sun hasn't set in for her yet. They don't go by the traditional time tracking mechanisms like a watch. Mar 12,   Most men dream of dating flight attendants because let's admit it, they're pretty. However, people being people, we only focus on the good side of things and turn a blind eye on the negative side of things. There are a few things you need to know when dating a flight attendant who's based so far away from home.

You need to be a little more patient when going out with her. She may take time applying makeup to look and dressing up for an event. Bear with her; it has become part of them.

10 Pilots and Flight Attendants Secrets You Didn't Know About - by DutchPilotGirl

She is not doing that only for herself but for you too. Dating a hot looking and presentable woman is a plus.

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Your family and friend will like her. Trust is essential in every relationship. It is even more important when your partner works in the hospitality industry.

Flight attendants are mostly seen as flirtatious and promiscuous because of the nature of their job.

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They meet a different class of people, so many are of the notion that they easily give in to men. For God sake, flight attendants have honor and dignity.

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Once she always returns to you after traveling the world, know that she loves you. For the relationship to work, you need is to trust her.

Things to know when dating flight attendant

This is how a flight attendant is trained to be. They always look calm even during an emergency in the airplane. They do that to put passengers to calm.

This trait naturally becomes part of them, and that makes it difficult to notice when they are suffering inside.

You should know her well enough to see when she is going through some problem. Reach out and talk to her when you notice she easily have mood swings.

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She may be going through difficulties. They have seen it all. They have traveled around the world, seen beautiful places, slept in plus hotels and have eaten in high-class restaurants. So what else can you do to impress her?

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All she wants is the little special things that make them feel like a woman. Instead of spending huge sums of money on her, give her your time and attention. If you give a helping hand to those in need.

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Those who assist others instead of asking the cabin crew for help "earn a lot of respect from the crew for the remainder of the flight. If you're carrying food with you.

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Airline meals are "very unhealthy," so bringing your own food "shows awareness," she explains. If you're seated in an emergency exit row. Similarly, this is what Sherlock notices when passengers board the plane:.

May 14,   Just don't do that to ALL the flight attendants on the crew during a flight, because we talk to each other and are probably friends or at least friendly and suck up gossip on the jumpseat with the zesty enthusiasm of a girl at an ice cream truck. The Galley, Our Sacred Space. I would never go into the kitchen without permission at a restaurant. How to date a pilot or flight attendant. Having an online profile on a dating website like this, is a good way to meet a pilot or flight attendant. We have many pilots looking for a date. It is free to register and the process is simple and secure. Try it out yourself, you could be on your way to your first date before you know it. Nov 06,   Flight attendants know the value of economy when packing a suitcase. 9. Flight attendants are trained to be efficient, punctual, and organized-admirable qualities in a dating partner, especially if you've dated irresponsible, unreliable people in the past. Dinner conversation with a flight attendant is unlikely to be boring.

Who is traveling with whom? Baggage size and quantity.

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Intoxicated or unruly passengers. Elderly or reduced mobility passengers.

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