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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Tratie Fics. Just what the name says! Here you can read Tratie fics to your hearts content, and only good ones note: not all the stories will be exclusively Tratie. Pickup Lines by bubbly chick reviews Travis has a handbook full of them. It would be a shame not to use them. Special line for each cabin persona!

They are all Rick Riordan's! Travis was running. His breath was coming out ragged, and his feet pounded the ground endlessly.

- | unleash Travis wants to help with his scheming ways. Wont end up how they planned. TRATIE my first one too. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - Katie G., Travis S. - Words Matt seemed to have to find another girl but Katie and I seemed to find fake dating a second nature like it was being a half-blood or. Tratie (TravisxKatie) Katie Gardner, the Princess' aide, is not at all fond of the idea of sending her beloved Princess off with some noble boy. Regardless of who it is. But when the princes of the Hermes kingdom come in pursuit of her hand in marriage, her entire perspective changes. Tratie dating - - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, mutual relations can provide. Find single man in the US with footing.

The sound of shoe on earth, twigs, leaves, and his ragged breathing all sounded too loud, even over the clatter that accompanied such events. But he could hear slightly more masked breathing behind him, and it sounded entirely too close. Daring a look behind him, he saw with dismay she was flying down his trail, leaping that fallen log he'd spent entirely too long tripping over.

Ahead of him, he saw his brother lying on the ground, trapped under a net, no doubt engineered by the Hephaestus cabin. And with dismay, out of the corner of his eye, he saw two guys from the Apollo cabin flitting through the trees. With his calculating, he'd failed to see the small tree root, growing under the foliage.

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Struggling desperately to regain his balance, he only served to lose it again, viciously, as she tackled him, xiphos lying somewhere near the stream where he'd disarmed her, and he figured she had been waiting for it to reappear in her pocket, as their weapons did.

Landing with a hard thump on the ground, Travis' vision blurred with impact, and then returned quickly. Katie grinned triumphantly, knee on his chest and the flag back in her hand. That girl was vicious.

And this was them dating. She rolled her eyes as she passed the flag off to Will Solace, who grinned at Travis' current predicament.


Katie rolled her eyes, about to remove her knee from Travis' chest. He grinned up at her; her hair was longer now, and he had to admit, the nine months that had passed since she'd nearly been blown up had passed quickly.

And they'd only tried to kill each other twice in that time. And only once was on purpose.

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The burns on her face, however, were the constant reminder that things were not right. That, and the fact that Jason, Piper and Leo were now always absent from camp.

But, the burns on Katie's face were more personal. The burns on the right side of her temple were still pink, and always would be, and the burns on her jaw made the skin at the right corner of her lips a bit tight, and it actually gave the impression her lips were puckered. At least from that side. He knew that they weren't, and Katie was, believably, self conscious about the entire ordeal.

Travis also thought that maybe Katie had let her hair grow out so that she could try and disguise, or even hide, the burns, but that was his own opinion. She was headstrong, violent, intelligent: the polar opposite of what she was now. She'd felt the odd craving to make herself look nice, or at least done down on the whole "I can kick your butt, Grace" act. Just a little. No need for Jason to get out of line. The daughter of Aphrodite's balloon of happy girlishness deflated as she walked into Camp Half-Blood's amphitheater and saw Jason kissing Drew.

French kissing- whatever you want to call it!

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Piper's giddiness was quickly replaced with first, shock, then confusion and anger, and lastly, sadness. She narrowed her eyes at the two, resentful tears threatening to fall.

You will not cry! Piper swallowed back her tears, glancing at the "oh so happy couple" one last time, before running towards the beach. Now, Piper had been hurt before. What girl hasn't been hurt by a guy she really likes before?

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But being hurt by Jason was something she'd never imagine. Drew smiled flirtatiously, not even bothering to mention that she'd told Jason to kiss her. Ah, the joys of charm-speaking. The daughter of Aphrodite shrugged, putting on an innocent look. Jason rolled his blue eyes, which were full of anger. The dryad smiled, a light green blush on her cheeks. All the girls' hair were pulled back into simple side ponytails.

The girls were all also wearing gladiator sandals that went up to just under their knees.

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Lacy glared at her older half-sister. Her comfy camp t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers had been replaced with a way too short, white Greek toga and golden gladiator sandals. Her messy brown hair had been taken out of the braids and tied back into a loose side ponytail. Just when she thought the day couldn't get that much stranger, a familiar Disney Hercules song started.

If there's a prize for rotten judgmentI guess I've already won thatNo man is worth the aggravationThat's ancient history, been there, done that! And just when things couldn't get weirder, Annabeth, Drew, Lacy, Katie, and Juniper suddenly came out of nowhere and sang the next part.

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Who'd 'ya think you're kiddin'He's the Earth and heaven to youTry to keep it hiddenHoney, we can see right through youGirl, ya can't conceal itWe know how ya feel andWho you're thinking of. Piper raised an eyebrow at her friends and one frenemy as Lacy coaxed her to sing the next part.

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She gave them the talk-to-the-hand gesture, walking back towards her cabin. The other girls quickly followed, pulling her back. Annabeth, being the only one other than Piper who didn't seem to being enjoying this, smiled sympathetically at her friend before singing the next part.

Piper scowled. She did not swoon or sigh! She rolled her eyes, deciding to make another beeline towards the Aphrodite Cabin, but as she got farther away from the music, it got louder. Lacy shook her head while rolling her eyes at Piper's stubbornness. She was a daughter of Aphrodite; these kind of things came naturally to her. Piper I thought my heart had learned its lessonIt feels so good when you start outMy head is screaming get a grip, girlUnless you're dying to cry your heart outOh.

Okay, that part was true. Piper did have something inside of her screaming to get a hold of herself and stop acting like a daughter of Aphrodite- er a normal daughter of Aphrodite.

Katie You keep on denyingWho you are and how you're feelingBaby, we're not buying. Hon, we saw ya hit the ceilingFace it like a grown-upWhen ya gonna own upThat ya got, got, got it bad. Piper You're way off baseI won't say itGet off my caseI won't say it. Piper mentally screamed. In the morning we read the announcements. Then Katie and I went around and gave chocolate roses to each of her friends.

I gave my guys records of them having to do detentions so now they're off the hook.

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Thank goodness we had to do the announcements otherwise I would've had to miss part of lunch to steal those. Then we rubbed things into Matt's face by visiting his classrooms a lot. Then for lunch -my favorite part- we were seated at the end of a very long table and got to invite friends to have a free banquet with us. Then Katie and I had special cupcakes and in hers was a baby and in mine was a ring. I'll be your queen for the day.

Then when we were done she smiled sheepishly at everyone and we were expected to give a speech. I hope you've enjoyed the fun and goodies that we've given you and this has been the best week of this year for me. Travis and I really thank you. The thing was the size of her thumb. Because after my speech your going to have more. Thanks for this. I used to think this was well gay. But now I've realized how much fun it is and Matt I must say it was a great honor to beat you at this.

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Thanks for lowering your game man, this was fun. Go have fun! It's finally the week of Prom and guess what happens. Well it's happening right now. Matt walked up to me and asked to talk to me privately. Like starting with prom? Why couldn't I say yes. This was my goal. What I'd been fighting for. Travis helped me get this far, I can't back out and tell Travis 'hey sorry about all that but I've kind of gotten over Matt', no that'd be terrible!

He worked so hard and gave up so much. My stomach knotted up as I awaited what would happen next. Matt smiled and kissed me for a minute then was gone. I couldn't help feel that his lips weren't right with mine. They were like not in sync. I opened it and got out slowly. Before I could barely close the door he was speeding off. After all that we've been through she still goes back to him? Travis I'm almost positive you love her. You sure as hell spend more time with her then pranking with me.

It's bee lonely, hombre. She's been inviting me to hang out with her at her dad's house. That wasn't exactly public. I thought she would be over Matthew Welch!

Gods, she's irritating! I've been asked by two girls but said yes to the hottest.

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It's prom night and I look like crap. I've lost sleep all week thinking about Travis. I haven't seen much of him lately. I'd try to catch him at his locker of in the parking lot but he came to school in just enough time and left five right after his last class. I put a note in his locker since we gave each other our combinations and the fake dating pictures from our fake dating still fake decorated his locker. That made me feel happy and sad at the same time. Now it's prom night and I have bags bags under my eyes.

I'm actually putting on foundation which is unlike me. I even put on eye liner, mascara, eye shimmer, blush, and lip gloss. I'm wearing a long emerald dress with light green sequins fanning out on the bottom.

Tratie dating fanfiction

The dress hugs to my curves the style Travis would make me dress to make Matt jealous. M long hair was styled in a half up, half down hair style with curls falling to my shoulders.

The son of Apollo shrugged. "That's what you get when you're dating a daughter of Aphrodite." "Well," Jason pondered. "Piper has called me Sparky once " "Sparky." Travis repeated, smirking. "Almost as bad as Seaweed Brain." The son of Jupiter scowled. "Okay, we're . Oreo Love (Tratie - by apollo17 K K 20 Katie Gardner and Travis Stoll have always been at each others throat until a little game causes them to get they find true love or . Landing with a hard thump on the ground, Travis' vision blurred with impact, and then returned quickly. Katie grinned triumphantly, knee on his chest and the flag back in her hand. That girl was vicious. And this was them dating. "Over eager, K, there are people .

Of senior year. This is supposed to be the night of our lives. Is it Travis?

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See you there. I sat up and pulled the creased and withered paper that had been read and reread so many times. Travis, I'm sorry. I'm not sure what I did to you but I know what I did to me. This is not how I want things to be. At prom, come find me.

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I'm saving a dance for you. Her note made me want to be sensitive and emotional like in the movies but I couldn't do it. She rubbed me numb. I know I have the power to make us go back to how we were before all this fake dating mess.

All of my favorite Tratie stories, which in my opinion are the best out there. I spend my days scouring - for Tratie, so if you're as addicted to Tratie as I am, these are what you want to read! Stories are a lot better then this summary makes them sound, I suck at summaries. Jan 21,   Check out her fanfic about Tratie, Connor and Miranda, it's called After the years! Hi, my name is Andrew Murray and I go to Goldbridge Highschool (I hope that's not a real school!) My best friends are Tray, Kelsey and Katie. Tray and Kelsey have been dating for a while now and don't tell her but I have a major crush on Katie Gardener! I know Reviews: She never would have thought that she would fall for him. I mean, he's Travis Stoll. She's Katie Gardner. They weren't supposed to go together. And yet they do. 26 Tratie fics, one for each letter of the alphabet.

I also have the power to make us friends. I learned so much about Katie that I could be her best friend.

Dec 29,   Read Dating Travis from the story Broken (Tratie) by Thalia_ (Aaliah) with 1, reads. pranks, stolls, miranda. A couple weeks past since our first kiss an Reviews: 4.

I just don't know what changed. I left the paper on my bed and went to get dressed. I got a slightly wrinkled dress shirt and black jeans. I loosely put on a black tie and some sneakers and left. I'd meet Conner there earlier than planned. I walked into the gym and it was full of color. It was a fairytale theme.

Most girls had the huge poofy ball gowns and gloves but I saw her not looking like that. Katie had an emerald green dress that hugged her curves. I guess she's grown accustomed to the style I gave her.

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She was looking around for someone while Matt was trying to get her onto the dance floor. I walked over and Matt's face grew dark. It hurt knowing that she was wanting me to be here so badly. I owe Travis a dance. She grabbed onto my arm and walked with me to the dance floor. Demigods already have judgement placed on them by mortals.

It feels weird. Kind of like you dumped me for Matt. She fell silent once more and rested her head on my chest. Oh no. He's the one you've been trying to keep all along. I went to the school's auditorium and went back state where the detonator was.

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I punched in the code without hesitation and a rumbled was heard throughout the building. I decided to not stick around to see Conner's face when he realizes he's been hit by our own prank. School has been hell. Katie and I don't even look at each. Well I sneak glances at her every once in a while but we haven't spoken expect for when she slapped me right after I got hom from ruining the prom.

She slapped me hard and yelled. Conner griped a bit but not too much. He wouldn't be on probation because they couldn't find out who did it.

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