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Another day, another quiz. Gone are the days of spending our evenings in the pub, or at a restaurant. We practically miss the gym at this stage almost. Instead, tap-poured pints have been replaced with quizzes. Chef-cooked meals have been replaced with quizzes. And yep, you guessed it, the bench press has been replaced with quizzes.

What is the name of the man who launched back in ?

Trivia dating questions

Answer: Pierre Omidyar 8. Which email service is owned by Microsoft? Answer: Hotmail 9. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Explorer are different types of what?

Answer: Web browsers Answer: twitter Science Trivia Questions This part focuses on the weather, planets, and elements. Who discovered penicillin? Answer: Alexander Fleming 2. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in ?

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Answer: Marie Curie 3. What part of the atom has no electric charge? Answer: Neutron 4. What is the symbol for potassium? Answer: K 5. What is meteorology the study of? Answer: The weather 6. Which planet is the hottest in the solar system? Answer: Venus 7. Which natural disaster is measured with a Richter scale? Answer: Earthquakes 8. What animals are pearls found in? Answer: Oysters 9.

Which planet has the most gravity? Answer: Jupiter How many molecules of oxygen does ozone have?

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Answer: 3 Create Your Own Trivia Questions Auto Trivia Questions These trivia questions are all about the automotive world including its history and modern advancements.

Answer: Karl Benz 2. Which animal can be seen on the Porsche logo? Answer: Horse 3. Which companies are part of the Big Three? Which company owns Bugatti, Lamborghini. Audi, Porsche, and Ducati? Answer: Volkswagen 5. Which auto brand was the first to offer seat belts? Answer: Nash Motors 6. What does BMW stand for in English?

Answer: Bavarian Motor Works 7. What or who is the Ford Mustang named after? How many parts screws and bolts included does the average car have?

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Answer: 30, 9. Which car is often called the first muscle car? In what year was the Corvette introduced? Dishes 1. What is the common name for dried plums?

Answer: Prunes 2. What name does deer meat go by? Answer: Venison 3. Answer: Maize 4. Answer: Chickpeas Around the World 1. Which country produces the most coffee in the world? Answer: Brazil 2. Which country invented tea?

Answer: China 3. Which kind of alcohol is Russia is notoriously known for? Answer: Vodka 4.

May 27,   While some are easy trivia questions, others are more challenging trivia questions. They'll test your general knowledge of the world. We guarantee the most fun trivia questions on the web! 6 Sketchy Dating Behaviors That Will Make Her Stop Trusting You. 45+ Exceptional Helen Keller Quotes on Life, Happiness, and Overcoming Adversity. Oct 04,   Trivia question #2: Name the number that is three more than one-fifth of one-tenth of one-half of 5, A. B. C. D.

What is the national dish of Spain? Answer: Paella 5. Which European nation was said to invent hot dogs? Answer: Germany 6. Which country is responsible for giving us pizza and pasta? Anatomy 1. Which organ has four chambers?

Answer: The heart 2. In which body part can you find the femur? Answer: Leg 3. Answer: The skin 4. What kind of cells are found in the brain? Answer: Neurons 5. Which bone are babies born without? Answer: Knee cap Health 1. About how many taste buds does the average human tongue have? Answer: 10, 2. What percentage of our bodies is made up of water? Which element is said to keep bones strong? Answer: Calcium 4. What does the acronym AIDS stand for? Answer: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 5.

How many times does the heartbeat per day? Answer: More than Comics Trivia Questions These questions cover questions about the two biggest superhero comic houses in the world. Marvel 1. Answer: Clint Barton 2. Which Avenger is the only one who could calm the Hulk down?

Answer: Black Widow 3. Night Crawler, member of the X-Men, has what kind of powers? Answer: Can teleport 4. Which infinity stone was located on Vormir? Answer: Soul Stone 5. Which original Avenger was not in the first few movies?

Answer: The Wasp DC 1. Answer: Kal-El 2. Answer: Alfred 3. Aquaman is from which city under the sea? Answer: Atlantis 4. Answer: Sinestro 5. What does DC stand for? Detective Comics Geography Trivia Questions These trivia questions will take you on a tour around the world? Europe and the Americas 1. Answer: Chile 2. Which American state is the largest by area?

Answer: Alaska 3. Which two countries share the longest or largest international border? Answer: Canada and the USA 4.

What is the smallest country in the world?

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Which continent is the largest? Answer: Asia 2. Which of the Seven Wonders is located in Egypt? Answer: The Pyramids of Giza 3. What is the capital of New Zealand? Answer: Wellington 4. Which desert is the largest in the world? Answer: The Sahara Desert although Antarctica which is larger might qualify as a desert as well 5. Answer: The Nile 6.

Which city in India would you find the Taj Mahal in? Answer: Agra Holidays and Celebrations Trivia Questions This section of questions covers events celebrated all over the world. Americas 1. Answer: Thanksgiving Day 2. In the US, what month is Labor Day in? Answer: September 3. When is Canada Day? Answer: July 1 st 4.

Answer: Day of the Dead Europe 1. Oktoberfest in Germany is celebrated with what drink? Answer: Beer 2. Which country celebrates the Storming of the Bastille?

Answer: France Asia 1. Answer: India 2. The Chinese New Year is celebrated on what day and month? Answer: 25 th January 3. Independence Day in Cambodia is when?

Answer: 9 th November Music Trivia Game The music trivia questions will test your knowledge about songs and artists across many genres. What was the name of the group Justin Timberlake used to be part of? What was the name of the rock band formed by Jimmy Page?

Answer: Led Zeppelin 3. Answer: Australia 4. What genre of music did Taylor Swift start in? Answer: Country 5. Answer: Boy George 6. Which name is rapper Sean Combs better known by? Answer: P. Diddy 7.

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Which musical legend is Jay-Z married to? Answer: Beyonce 8. How many Grammys does John Legend have? Answer: Ten 9. Which British girl group had a member by the name of Mel B? Answer: Spice Girls Answer: Despacito Fashion Trivia Questions This groups of questions explore everything from the history of fashion to popular fashion brands. History of Fashion 1. Answer: Jacqueline Kennedy 2. Answer: Ralph Lauren 3.

Answer: Cotton Fashion Trends 1. Who invented the LBD? Answer: Coco Chanel 2. Parkers, trenches, bombers and peas are types of what winter outerwear? Answer: Coats 3. Answer: Legwarmers Fashion Brands 1. The fashion designer, Gianni Versace, came from which country? Answer: Italy 2.

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When was the company Nike founded? Answer: 3. Answer: Horse 4. Answer: Gucci Literature Trivia Questions This section of questions deal with famous authors and their books.

Authors 1. What author became famous for his six-volume biography of Lincoln? Answer: Carl Sandburg 2. Answer: Ernest Hemingway 3. Answer: Hans Christian Andersen 4. Answer: William Shakespeare 5. Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle Books 1. What is the name of the fourth book in the Harry Potter series?

Answer: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2. The Hunger Games series was written by which author? Answer: Suzanne Collins 3. Answer: Greece 4. Answer: Starbuck 5. Movies 1.

Answer: Let It Go 2. How many films did Sean Connery play James Bond in? Answer: 7 3. Which Indiana Jones movie was released back in ? Answer: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 4. How many Lord of the Rings films are there?

Answer: 3 5. What was the name of the actor who played Jack Dawson in Titanic? Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio Television 1.

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Which popular TV show featured house Targaryen and Stark? Answer: Game of Thrones 2. What was the name of the family who starred in 7 th Heaven?

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Answer: The Camdens 3. Answer: Sex and the City 4. Which cartoon character lives in a pineapple under the sea? Answer: Spongebob Squarepants 5. In what year was the first episode of South Park aired? Actors and Actresses 1. Answer: Nicholas Cage 2.

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Who played Wolverine? Answer: Hugh Jackman 3. Which actress won the Oscar for Best Actress in ? Answer: Nicole Kidman 4. The Young Victoria was played by which British actress? Answer: Emily Blunt Sports Stars 1.

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Answer: 15 2. Answer: 12 4. Answer: 6 Social Media Stars 1. Who did Forbes name the youngest self-made billionaire in ?

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Answer: Kylie Jenner 2. Which Dutch makeup artist came out as being transgender in ? Which American president was involved in the Watergate scandal? Answer: Nixon 2. Answer: Adams and Bush 3. How many presidents have been impeached? Answer: Three Europe 1. Answer: Seven years 2. Who has been the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom? Answer: Queen Elizabeth II 3. Answer: Austria Asia 1. Answer: Kim Jong Un 2. What was Mao Zedong famous for? Leader and political icon Nelson Mandela was from which African country?

Answer: South Africa 2. Answer: African National Congress Animal Trivia Questions These trivia questions deal with all things animals including anatomy, their scientific names and more. How long is the gestation period of an African elephant? Answer: 22 months 2.

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Answer: Canis lupus 3. What is a female donkey called? Answer: A Jenny 4. Which mammal has no vocal cords? Answer: Giraffe 5. Answer: The cheetah 6. How many eyes does a bee have? Answer: Five 7. Which animal symbolizes good luck in Europe? Answer: Ladybug 8. What name is used to refer to a group of frogs?

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Technology Trivia Questions. These trivia questions focus on cellular phones, operating systems, the history of the computer and social media. 1. What year was the very first model of the iPhone released? Answer: 2. What's the shortcut for the "copy" function on most computers? Answer: ctrl c. 3. What is often seen as the smallest. One survey found that most men know if it's love after just 1 date, the rest know within 3. Women, on the other hand, wait at least a month before making up their minds. Men, too, are usually the. Anniversary Trivia Questions. Prepping these anniversary trivia questions is easy-peasy. In short, all you have to do is print and cut out the anniversary game questions linked below. To help make those lines super straight, use a paper cutter. Then, we recommend hole-punching each card and connecting them with a binder ring. You can also cut.

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Jan 25,   In this article, I have provided more than Trivia questions, which are mind-blowing. Some of them are easy but you just have to find the answer by using some tricks. (P.S. Don't begin to Google everything. Use your brain as well!). They are divided into 10 categories and each of them is attention-grabbing and best to increase your knowledge. Sep 11,   Technology quiz questions and answers. Questions. With over million units sold, what is Apple's highest-selling iPhone model? In which . Sep 16,   A comprehensive database of more than 49 dating quizzes online, test your knowledge with dating quiz questions. Our online dating trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top dating quizzes.

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