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April Kepner M. The character was created by series producer Shonda Rhimes and is portrayed by actress Sarah Drew. The character's story concludes with the fourteenth season. Although initially focusing on neurosurgery during her residency due to her crush on Derek Shepher [4] Kepner finally settles on trauma surgery as a specialty. ABC noted her determination, thoroughness, and intelligence as her main traits, while her insecurity, over-eagerness and vulnerability were highlighted as her main weakness. The character received mixed reviews from critics initially, but later praise was affirmed from her character growth. April Kepner was born in Columbus, Ohio , on April 23,

Yay, love! As if Jo Wilson needed another terrible man in her life after she escaped a marriage of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, the guy she chooses to date in order to make Alex Karev jealous is also abusive. Jo fights back and puts him into a coma.

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After Alex threatens his life and career, the ob-gyn is never seen or talked about again. Arizona Robbins has chemistry with pretty much everyone. How many hot lesbians have shown up and immediately fallen in love with her? So it is confusing when she has zero chemistry with the universally disliked Dr. Killing Derek is bad, but the latter is straight-up ridiculous. Sometimes that can be romantic. Hard pass.

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What a dope! Izzie is better off without him.

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Boy, bye. Who knows what wonders Clive could hold?

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Everybody wins! Okay, okay, their names are Pierce, Megan, and Steve, but does anyone even care?

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All they really do is cause Meredith and George a whole lot of trouble for one day as they sort out their drama. In the end, Megan is in love with Steve and pregnant with his baby and eventually they get married. Good for them, inconsequential to us. For two hot people, this relationship sure is a snooze. They have a destructive history and they are currently repeating that pattern. They spend their time having sex, not sleeping, and seducing each other with loud chewing.

At this point, they are mostly annoying, but the jury is still out.

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On paper, Thorpe is great. He is a hunk with a dark side. He is cool with going on a date that consists of simply eating French fries in his car. Unfortunately, he shows up much too early. Meredith is nowhere near ready to begin dating after losing Derek. The good doctors Sloan and Altman enter into this short-lived relationship wanting completely opposite things: Sloan, urged by BFF Callie, is looking for a serious, adult relationship that includes dates in the light of day.

Who is april dating on greys anatomy

Teddy just needs a good lay. Fortunately, they both get a little of what they want! Con: The chemistry between George and Callie was always a little bit off.

Callie got a raw deal, you guys.

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Well, this is a unicorn: Mark Sloan in a stable, adult, non-tragic relationship. Emma is perfect for Owen!

She is sweet and kind. She is an excellent maternal-fetal surgeon. She volunteers to cook Thanksgiving dinner even though we all know that is legit crazy.

14x23 - Arizona Tells Everyone About April \u0026 Matthew’s Relationship

She also wants to have a family. Which, to our knowledge, is all Owen has ever wanted in life.

He thought he wanted kids, but now what he wants is a partner who is just as committed to her job as he is. Callie and Erica are important because their relationship helped Callie come out as bisexual and also because it meant we got to see Mark Sloan repeatedly ask for a three-way.

She was pretty broken post-divorce what kind of man gives Dr. Miranda Bailey an ultimatum?! Bailey learns a lot about herself through her time with Tucker, getting her ready to meet the true love of her life squeeeeeand we as an audience get to see a more vulnerable side of her for the first time.

I am very much here for inappropriate doctor-patient love stories, but Alex and ferry-boat-crash victim and facial-reconstruction patient Rebecca-also-Ava was always a disaster. Poor Alex! Like Tyra Banks before me, I was rooting for them.

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It was good for by-the-book Maggie to spend some time schtupping an intern. Eli leaves Bailey dirty notes in charts, introduces her to the wonders of the on-call room, he makes Bailey laugh.

No-nonsense Bailey! Not to mention, Hot Nurse Eli is extremely good at his job, has the voice of an angel, and is very much there for Bailey when she gets upset after a plane crashes in the Sound.

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Eli is great and should he make a surprise return to snatch up some other eligible doctor, I would not hate that. They are super-hot together, they started out casual and after being apart realized they wanted something more, and now they are working together to fix the maternal mortality rate in the United States.

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Undeniable chemistry, an unstoppable attraction to one another, and working together to make a major medical breakthrough? How very Meredith and Derek of them, no?

Thursday, May 5, NEW YORK - The relationship between April Kepner and Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy has been a winding road with extreme highs and . Nov 09,   Warning: Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 15 follow. Jackson claimed he spent time in a monastery attempting to find himself and figure out his spiritual feelings after he was nearly hit by a. Matthew and April were together for season 9 and some of season 10, when they got engaged and were going to get married, until Jackson confessed his love for April mid-ceremony and the pair left the church and got married, leaving Matthew and the rest of the wedding guests in mcauctionservicellc.com: Jose Bastidas.

They are only memorable for how they ended. Even the other doctors call paramedic and flash-mob proposer Matthew Taylor the boy version of Kepner. They share the same Christian values and wholesome good looks. They do not, however, agree upon whom a bride is supposed to flee the church with on her wedding day. Oh, McVet. McVet is a very nice man who can heal animals.

McVet is very handsome.

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But McVet is only an obstacle. McVet is a plot device to prolong the inevitable reunion of Meredith and Derek. Rose and Derek seem pretty great together, but come on. This was always a relationship of four people. There was never much hope for them, which is a shame because they are a great pairing. Also, laundry-room sex! The Plastics Posse.

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What drama! After ten years, Megan Hunt turns up alive and she and Riggs are still very much in love. He's getting the emotional from April and Kate. As one can imagine, Maggie is appalled at this revelation. Not only is Jackson emotionally cheating on her with a woman who in her eyes clearly want in his pants, but he's emotionally cheating on her with a woman who has already been in his pants.

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It doesn't get to be a bigger betrayal than that. But worse, when she confronts Jackson with this, his response is that Maggie drove him to it. She's the kind of partner who is happy to rant about work at the end of the day, complain about her sister, talk about her hobbies and interests.

But she never discusses her feelings. And because Maggie isn't letting Jackson into her emotional life, Jackson feels like he can't open himself to her.

So, he went and found it elsewhere. But instead of dumping him right then and there, Maggie does something she's never tried before. She opens up. Maggie admits, out loud, she never allowed anyone to get close to her because she was always five steps ahead of them.

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She has never learned how to be in a relationship. In response, Jackson opens up back. He tells her he loves her. But Jackson is still grieving for the loss of April, his marriage, and his family. And, as he sees it, it's all just a little messy. Unfortunately, this is way too much for Maggie's first time.

She freaks. She runs. And Jackson is left alone, trying to figure what to do next.

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