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Princess Koriand'r was the youngest daughter born to the First House of Tamaran. She lived a happy and peaceful life until her home planet was attacked by the alien conquerers, the Citadel , who operated under the orders of the evil Dominators. The Citadel killed Kori's family, with the exception of her older sister Komand'r , and enslaved the entire population of Tamaran, including Kori. They appointed Komand'r as the leader of Tamaran, seeking to use her as a figurehead to appease the planet's people. However, in an attempt to take away the people of Tamaran's will to fight back, they forced Komand'r to publicly banish her sister from the planet.

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Soon after, though, the three would split and Starfire would move on, going to an island where she kept her ship, ending her short tenure as a hero. Martinique to enjoy an island vacation.

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There she lies to Roy that she has forgotten Richard Grayson and other child heroes and begins to seduce him, eventually sleeping with him. The three then head to Hong Kong as per Jason's orders, where they attack Suzie Su before heading off to the Himalayas where Jason vows to avenge his former teacher, Ducra.

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Soon after, they are attacked by the corpses of the members of the All Castewhich the three take down. Joining up with S'aruthe Proctor, the three would fight a monster known as the Untitle which killed the All Caste, and Starfire would destroy it.

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Soon after, they would be attacked by a dragon like creature known as Crux who would take away Starfire's powers, though she would regain them soon after Jason and Roy battle Crux.

After defeating Crux, the trio would encounter Essence and would, using Crux's weaponry, defeat her. The three would then go to Gotham City after Suzie Su would hold a childrens hospital hostage for a chance to fight Jason.

The New 52 is the revamp and relaunch by DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic mcauctionservicellc.coming the conclusion of the "Flashpoint" crossover storyline, DC canceled all of its existing titles and debuted 52 new series in September with new first mcauctionservicellc.com the renumbered series were Action Comics and Detective Comics, which had retained their original Genre: Superhero. Red Hood and the Outlaws is a superhero comic book published by DC mcauctionservicellc.comsioned in response to the growing popularity of the character of Jason Todd, a former protege of Batman who took a turn as a villain following his resurrection, the book depicts Jason's continued adventures as the Red Hood, on a quest to seek redemption for his past crimes, forming a small team with two of his Publisher: DC Comics. dating your guild year approximate last serial number produced starfire ii ek to ek to ek to ek to ek to

After defeating Su, they would recieve a transmission from Alfred Pennyworth which would embroil them into the Night of Owls. Soon after, Starfire would be met by a fellow alien named Orn. Hearing of troubles in space, she would take Jason and Roy with her to her ship, aptly called The Starfireand would go to stop the Blight from invading Tamaran.

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Sold into slavery by her people to protect the planet of Tamaran, Starfire would eventually find her way to Earth where she would temporarily become a hero of the planet. After moving on to a partnership with Jason Todd and Roy HarperStarfire would end up becoming an outlaw on the face of Earth.

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Being one of the most powerful creatures to walk the Earth, with her power ranking below that of SupermanStarfire has bested some of the greatest villains known to Earth, such as Victor Fries. Starfire to claim as their own.

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For a time Kori acted as captain of the Starfire with her friends acting as her crew. Although she had wanted to kill Komand'r for trading her for peace the desire died when her sister tearfully welcomed her home and proclaimed them heroes.

Feb 17,   Five Revelations About Starfire From RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #6 Published by Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero on Feb 17, AM Her first appearance in "The New Mar 10,   Starfires' New 52 History I've seen some speculation on whether or not the new Starfire series will keep to the current canon. That being the case . Dec 27,   The New 52 had no shortage of controversial costume redesigns, though one of the most-discussed online was definitely the changes made to Starfire, both in her costume and mcauctionservicellc.comre's barely-there costume was improved slightly during the DC You initiative, but the Rebirth redesign finally nailed it.

The siblings tried to heal their relationship to no avail and Kori realized that she couldn't even find peace aboard her ship anymore leaving her first mate Depalo in command. Apparently the craft she took on her flight to Earth crashed on an island she would claim as her new home.


At some point she met Dick Grayson having a relationship with him and worked with him and Roy Harper fighting crime. Posted by Erin S.

Princess Koriand'r is the Tamaran Earth based vigilante known as Starfire. Sold into slavery by her people to protect the planet of Tamaran, Starfire would eventually find her way to Earth where she would temporarily become a hero of the planet. After moving on to a partnership with Jason Todd and Roy Harper, Starfire would end up becoming an outlaw on the face of Earth. Being one of the most.

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Time Travelers.

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