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I'm a complete sucker for vacation hookup stories. After all, people travel to foreign destinations either to find themselves or to be somebody else for a while, both of which can bring out our adventurous sides. So, I asked people to tell me about their juiciest vacation hookups, and their stories did not disappoint. Most singles have had a one-night stand on vacation at some point, according to a MissTravel survey. Plus, nearly 90 percent of us say we'd be more likely to hook up in a foreign destination. All good choices. But the city where people are having the most sex with strangers , according to an Ann Summers survey, is Ibiza, Spain, and based on these stories, maybe New Zealand should be added to the list.

Being honest about how you feel could make all the difference when it comes to turning your vacation hook-up into something more real.

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If the two of you really manage to keep in touch, possibilities open up for visiting each other or meeting in a different city and having another whirlwind romance together.

In this era of mobility and connectivity, you can always stay in touch with your fling after you head back home. Remain open-minded, relax, and let yourself take it all in.

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Just in case your vacation fling is only ever going to be a short fling and nothing more, you might as well make the most of it and make it as real and wonderful as possible. Have you got friends that suddenly disappear off the face of the earth as soon as they enter into a new relationship?

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It can seem pretty deplorable, but it is understandable considering how beautiful the early stages of a relationship can be. The grand gesture could be anything: Inviting him or her with you to your next destination, confessing your feelings, or doing something ultra-romantic for them before you leave.

Remember, you are out of your comfort zone, which should be licence to step outside of your regular habits and do something bold.

Perhaps you were meant to share something real with someone abroad - but only for a short term. Making plans is a dangerous path riddled with false hope and frustration.

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Sometimes, vacation hookups can turn into relationships. Other times, what happens in Vegas or Miami or Ibiza is meant to stay there.

Either way, they can make for great stories. Here are some vacation hookup stories you can vicariously live through.


You're welcome. These just go to show that crazy things can happen when you get out of your comfort zone.

Vacation hook up

They definitely make a compelling case for asking out that cute person you see on the beach during your next break. By Suzannah Weiss. Tinder was obviously a way to meet new people, and I ended up having a first date with an American guy. I went back to Brazil, but we managed to keep chatting.

Long story short: our second date was in South Africa.

Jul 14,   A hookup is a hookup, vacation or otherwise, meaning it's not meant to last - which is also why it's so great. Relationships can get messy and complicated, and people can end up hurt. Feb 03,   To ensure you make the most of your vacation hook-up potential, and stay safe while you are being wooed in the waves or serenaded on the slopes, check out these top tips: DON'T. Don't: Meet up at a hotel right away. Breaking out of your comfort zone is part of the joy of traveling. Attempting to be more carefree than you are in your own zip code is also part of the fun of hooking up on vacation. But, there are some rules that always apply, no matter where your wanderlust - and well, your lust - tempts you. One of.

I spent 10 days traveling around the country with a guy I barely knew, and it is up until now one of the best experiences I've ever had. Relationship didn't work out, but we managed to stay friends occasionally.

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Well, there was Jonny Armstrong, the Irish guy whom I met on a pub crawl and later followed me to other cities in New Zealand. We only saw each other on nights when I had to get up early to catch a bus or flight, so I think the constant feeling of me leaving just when we found each other again kept enticing him to find me again.

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There was Ahmed, the Iraqi guy in New Zealand. He was probably the most interesting and unexpected.

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There was Corey the American in Fiji, who tried to have sex on the beach but it was really unpleasant, then we went back to my hut, and after finding out he didn't have a condom, he went and searched the whole resort for condoms. There was Tyson, an Australian in Queenstown, New Zealand whom I paired with to win an office chair racing competition at a bar.

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His beard was painfully scratchy, and at the end of the night, outside the door to my room in the hostel, he gave me his number and said to call him the next day. I had already decided I didn't want to see him because his stubble hurt too much, so I said 'I don't make calls, I receive them.

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Last year, I went on vacation with my parents in Hawaii. I matched [on Tinder] with an absolute hottie who was visiting Maui for the holidays, just like me. He was also from California, and it turned out he was a drummer and music producer who was in town playing a concert.

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We chatted a bit and hit it off We agreed to meet at his hotel bar around p. I snuck the keys to my parents' rental car that night and left to meet up with him.

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As it turns out, the bar had already closed, so we ended up just hanging out in his hotel room. I knew I was either going to get murdered or laid. Lucky for me, he wasn't the murdering type, so we shared a couple cocktails in his room.

Feb 25,   It's been my experience that the less prepared I am to hook-up, the more likely it is to happen. On Christmas Day, , I was camping on a Southeast Asian beach, when I Author: Laurel Miller. If you are looking to hook up, and just keep things simple, taking a vacation is a pretty killer strategy for making it happen. Why? Because vacations, by their very definition, are impermanent and you don't have to keep in touch with someone you meet unless you want to. Also, whether people admit it or not, everyone likes to hook up on vacation.

Afterward, it was late, and I needed to get back to my family's condo before they found out I had taken the car. I snuck out of his hotel and headed downstairs to get the keys from the valet around a.

I handed the attending valet the ticket for my card, and he left to find my keys. He returned from a back room a few minutes later with a perturbed look on his face.

Feb 05,   There's something about being on vacation that makes you feel a little more daring. Seventeen readers share their most embarrassing Spring Break stories and hookups. May 15,   I'm a complete sucker for vacation hookup stories. After all, people travel to foreign destinations either to find themselves or to be somebody else for a . We can ruin your vacation in any number of ways. This is sound advice for all customer-employee interactions but nowhere else have I experienced such a profound influence over customer experience. I've handed out generous tips, and the only girls the staff members try to hook you up with are hookers. 1. February 15, Jim Davis.

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