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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. In the Justice League cartoon, as well as the direct follow-on cartoon Justice League: Unlimited, Batman is subtly portrayed as being either in a relationship with Wonder Woman, or at least they are shown as mutually interested. But today I saw, in another question that Superman was also, at least, romantically interested in Wonder Woman. They're fragile.

Making things even more dramatic, this all goes down because Wonder Woman has sworn to protect someone who is nothing but a cold criminal in the eyes of Batman.

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It's hard to see one friend so brutally destroy another, but alas this is Wonder Woman: The Hiketeiaa dark graphic novel from and arguably one of the best Wonder Woman stories ever told. Early on in the canon of Wonder Woman, there was this ongoing concept she and the other Amazons occasionally referenced known as "Aphrodite's Law". While most people know Aphrodite as being the Greek goddess of love, those within the DC universe during the mids appeared to view her more as a major buzzkill.

In the case of Wonder Woman, "Aphrodite's Law" was the reason she could never really be with a man, as doing so would strip her of her strength and powers. Interpreted both literally and metaphorically, there was even one issue where she was held captive and feared losing her powers because a man had bound her " bracelets of submission " together. In another, the once independent heroine gave up her super strength in order to settle down into married life with Steve Trevor.

So would Wonder Woman become a mere mortal if she actually entered into a relationship with Batman? Perhaps, although fortunately, the concept of Aphrodite's Law seems to have all but disappeared since the s.

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Two of the most famous TV shows about Batman and Wonder Woman as individuals somewhat surprisingly never once crossed path. While it was revealed that Lynda Carter almost made a cameo in the straight-to-video animated movie Batman vs. Two-Face, the appearance never came to fruition and the movie ended up being Adam West's last role before his passing.

Fortunately, DC had already made fans' longtime dreams come true with a special comic book series in The title of the issue is simple and tells it like it is: "Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77".

The illustrated characters are designed to look just like their beloved live-action counterparts, and what ensues is a fun romp that has the two superheroes battling infamous villain Ra's Al Ghul from the s up through the s. The series fully embraces the campiness of both television shows, and while there isn't really any romance between Wonder Woman and Batman in this rendition, it is nevertheless one of the most positive and drama-free interactions they've had.

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Holy crossover, Batman! Speaking of s Batman, who could forget his energetic sidekick, Robin? While not every version of Robin has been as lighthearted and comical as Burt Ward's portrayal in the live-action TV show, the character has nevertheless remained fairly consistent when it comes to being a lighthearted foil to the hero he serves.

The Amazon princess is normally depicted as working alone or even as somewhat of a sidekick herself, but the fact remains that she does have one. Etta Candy has been many things over the years : a little girl obsessed with sweets, a witty secretary and even a young woman competing for the affections of Steve Trevor. Sure, they have fought side by side numerous times, and the earlier days even saw Wonder Woman getting captured multiple times only to be saved by the Dark Knight.

But none of that really matters when the facts are laid out: Bruce Wayne is merely a mortal man with a lot of money, intelligence and martial arts training, while Diana Prince is actually a demigod who can best both gods and men in a fight.

As detailed earlier, she has already beaten Batman.

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As if all of this were not evidence enough that she is easily the more powerful of the two superheroes, the Justice League Dark series by James Tynion IV recently depicted Wonder Woman unlocking additional powers sourced from witchcraft. Sorry, Batman, you're not even close.

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So if Wonder Woman is vastly more powerful than Batman, why would the two ever team up in the first place? Perhaps she remembers her time as a mortal human who bore even more similarities to Bruce Wayne than she does now. This period of time was the late s, when the higher-ups over at DC decided it was a good idea to transform Wonder Woman into a normal, everyday person. Granted, this still included being an international super spy, but it also involved stripping her of her powers and erasing her memories of her former glory and life among the Amazons.

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Now known as the Wonder Woman " Mod Years ", this period of time ultimately proved to be unpopular among fans and did not last very long. Batman meanwhile is popular among his fanbase largely because he is a mortal human. He has been offered superpowers beforebut as history has already shown with the case of Wonder Woman, it might just be better to let heroes stay true to themselves.

Okay, so she's not 4, years older than him in every version of the characters, but in most, she is significantly older.

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After all, her origins are that of demigod or half-god who has lived on the island of Themyscira, a land untouched by humankind and possibly the normal passage of time for some thousands of years. She didn't actually enter the "present" world until the s, by which point she had already been alive for much longer than everyone she encountered.

Does batman and wonder woman hook up

How old she is exactly, remains a mystery, but Batman v. Given the fact that Batman's age also varies throughout different versions of the character between the comic books, TV, and movies, we can't pinpoint exactly how much older Wonder Woman is. I'm a new batman beyond 2. I've seen some of their past, it earn more than 1 billion at jason baker k is an.

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Gotham would be safe, but there would be no rescue for Bruce Wayne. No love. No family. No real intimacy.

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No real losing oneself in someone else. Not in this life. Contents [ show ]. You've always loved women dark and dangerous - yet if they do something dark and dangerous- you can't love them- and therefore, you've never really loved any woman at all.

Bruce and Julie. Not as long as I'm around. Batman and Vicki. Sometimes I wonder if you're really the socialite playboy you pretend to be!

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Batman and Talia. There is no man your equal- therefore, you are the only man I can love!

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Batman and Nocturna.

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