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Northern Europe is home to many wonderful things, including magnificent nature, beautiful cities, a clean environment, huge pensions, and many more. Not least of the benefits of being in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and other Scandinavian countries is a chance to date local women. In fact, these countries are pretty progressive, so the hookup culture here has a significant background. The Scandinavian women on average are incredibly good-looking. The stereotype of the blonde Scandinavians is actually somewhat true, though mostly in regards to the Swedes.


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By Shay Dating Tips for Women. So what are the signs your hookup has feelings for you? But if you note that he legitimately wants to take it slow, that can be a really good sign that he sees you as real relationship material, not just a hottie he can sleep with. He might even just come out and say as much. For some guys, they know this already-they want something serious, and not just an ongoing carousel of hookups. There are two ways this can go. Because if he has feelings for you, that can make him feel nervous, less confident, and it will show.


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